Rick Owens

Rick Owens is one of my favorite fashion brands, and I decided to work on a website redesign as if I was hired by Rick Owens. This was also a project that challenged me to create and sell a marketable product. Working on this called for my attention to detail and ability to make a product that is aesthetically appealing, while also keeping the Rick Owens brand in mind.

High fashion has always been a source of inspiration for me to create unique designs and websites. I used a lot of these principles during my redesign. I started off by drawing different layouts by pencil so that I can get a sense of how I want to organize the website and what kind of styles I want to use. From there I moved onto using Balsamiq to refine the wireframe and prototyping of the website. I used professional photos from the Rick Owens website to once again keep the brand image intact.

Some constraints while working on this was that it's not practical to create a full e-commerce process with a payment system. I can still potentially set up a shopping cart system(right now clicking on the clothing items are a dead link). I included many elements of any clothing website so that the final design is till clear.

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  • HTML5/CSS3
  • UI/UX and Wireframing
  • Bootstrap
  • Balsamiq

Rick Owens Redesign

Landing Page Layout

Women/Men Page Layout

Desktop Layout

Desktop Layout

Desktop Layout