Besides my Rick Owens project, working on this SoundCloud application has been one of my favorite projects to date. The focus of this project is to create a different version of SoundCloud's current desktop site that provides a better user experience. To handle this project I've decided to use React library, which is something that I am currently learning. I've always been interested in using React and thought that this was the perfect project to put my skills to the test.

While working on this project I learned so many new things about React and ES6 that is often not included in tutorials or lessons. Whenever I made progress on one feature it was because I took the time to understand what I was trying to create, and what would be the best way for me to implement it. I learned how React manages various states, and I also learned how to make different components communicate with each other through props. I plan to continue to work on this project and learn a lot more about how React works.

This project is still in development because I have so many features planned for it. However, the core functions of the website are working. A user is capable of searching and playing different kinds of music. But I do not plan on stopping there because my goal is to turn this into a full fledge application that hundreds of people can use. I am also working on splitting the app up into different components and containers so that it does not become one big spaghetti code.

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  • React.js/ES6
  • Sass/CSS3
  • UI/UX and Wireframing
  • Balsamiq
  • Node & Webpack

KanteCloud Desktop Version

KanteCloud Tablet Version

KanteCloud Mobile Version

KanteCloud Mobile Version with Menu