Streetwear Boutiques

I designed and developed a mobile responsive, e-commerce platform, using React, Semantic UI, Firebase, and a REST API incorporating Google Cloud Functions with Node.js and Express.js. Following Agile principles, I also built and implemented a custom CMS, shopping cart, wishlist, product upload, and payment system using PayPal.

Streetwear Boutiques was founded to bridge the gap between new & emerging clothing brands, and fashion lovers alike. This platform provides a centralized, exclusive, and curated selection of various Designers, with the goal of building a diverse community that connects Designers directly to the user.

I have always been interested in fashion, streetwear, and supporting smaller brands. Although there isn't a convenient way to explore all those brands, so I created a platform where that is possible. I created this platform with the vision of forming a community that will allow for emerging clothing labels to grow and flourish. Brands that use Streetwear Boutiques, do not have to pay any hosting fees, commissions, or worry about maintaining a website because I am taking care of all of that. Allowing Brand Owners to focus more on creating their designs and promoting themselves. Eventually, I want Streetwear Boutiques to become a place where people can share their passions for music, art, and fashion while inspiring others.

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  • UI/UX and Wireframing
  • Semantic UI
  • React.js & Node.js
  • Google Firebase
    • - Authentication
    • - Storage
    • - Hosting
    • - Database

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