This is a work in progress full-stack application that allows for users to create accounts and search for clothing items that they can add to their online wardrobe. This could be a very useful for fashion forward people to keep a visual collection of items that they own. In addition to filling up a closet with clothing, they are able to create outfits out of the articles of clothing that they own. This was an idea that I wanted to work on for a long time, and now I look forward to recreating this project again, but instead with a framework like react and possibly a different database. I placed a lot of my focus on having a working CRUD app over design and aesthetics.

Things that I can improve on include a better UI/UX design and making the app more straight forward for all users. I want to also use multiple APIs or a maybe even a different API because the ShopStyle API is very limited and sometimes require specific queries to return a result. I want to make some design changes to the website so that it is more eye-catching and engaging. And finally, I will possibly use a different database or restructure how the database is setup and how the queries are returned.

There is a test account with the username: 'clout' and password: 'clout'

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  • HTML & EJS
  • CSS3
  • Node.js & Express.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • UI/UX and Wireframing

Armoire Homepage

Search Page Results

Inital Homepage Wireframe

Inital Outfit View Wireframe

Sample Wardrobe Page

Sample Outfit Page

Sample Outfit Page(cont...)

Sample Outfit Page(cont...)